5 truth of real drawing

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 the truth-Because we like to paint?

Have you ever wondered why I like to paint, to draw other things fascinate yet, here are 5 reasons you see look like its not okay? : v 1. You love beauty, shaken before the art is humans, who also love beauty, but for those you have artistic orientation, when watching a beautiful painting, you feel the excitement, the more vibration sensations boiling tub, attached to it is the admiration for the artist who created the work inspires you to themselves can also create such works 1.

2. when drawing, you live in the present, and think of the future, you're more nervous, thinking about the past, sometimes feeling depressed about myself on what not to do. Only live in the present, that's the feeling when you indulge, passionate painting, and feel happy. Science has shown that, when focused entirely on something, you'll be happy. Paint is one of the things you are most concentrated.

3. You are proud of yourself, both part of his unfinished drawing, there are beautiful people, have people draw yet beautiful.However, you are the person who has just done, has just witnessed his product from beginning to end, little by little. That's what makes you feel proud of myself for, about diligence, perseverance and desire to rise to beauty. Even when I have not perfected, you still feel happy about achievements-his paintings generated. Satisfied but not mean consent, you continued to hone his skills. 

4. marking of emotions, your style through each guide in life, when in contact with people, you keep the extent, and has the distance depending on the relationship. When the draw is different, you are ready to reveal personality, personal style, the emotion and the "substance", the way you view on life: fluted or generous, violently or gently, through each stroke, no limits on creativity. That's why every painting, may 1 common template but neither look like any pictures. 

5. "A beautiful painting is like a magnanimous" Draw a picture just like do something good. The first thing that's kept you. Of expertise, drawing work out for your aesthetic sense, identify and express the beauty, it also nourishes the soul per person. After that, viewers of your paintings, empathy and understand more about you, about what you convey through drawings, of beauty. So, draw a picture is played one more flowers into the beauty of life.

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